Product and UI/UX design involves various subjects for creating visually appealing user interfaces. It emphasizes user-centered design elements like balance, contrast, and typography. Designers use wireframing, prototyping, visual design, color theory, layout, and graphic design ideas.These elements form the foundation for effective product and UI/UX design.

Time Duration: 30 Hours

Course Certification: 4-8 Weeks

Cost: 3499/-


Batch 1: 16 Dec 2023

Batch 2: 2 Jan 2024


Group of four :- discount of 400/- each

Group of five :- discount of 500/- each

Register through our CA :- discount of 300/- each

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What Will You Learn

Learning product and UI/UX design is beneficial for various reasons. It trains individuals to create visually appealing interfaces, making products more competitive. It promotes understanding user behavior, allowing designers to prioritize user happiness. Design skills improve job opportunities in various sectors and enable individuals to change the digital world and contribute to user-centric solutions.

6 Weeks of workshop
30 workshop Hours
10 Sessions

Road Map

  • Session 1
    Introduction to Product & UI UX Design
  • Session 2
    User Centered design and the Behavioural Design
  • Session 3
    6D UX process and Introduction to UX Research
  • Session 4
    Conducting User Interviews and ethnographic study
  • Session 5
    Affinity Mapping and Research Analysis
  • Session 6
    Interaction Design (IXD), Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Session 7
    Introduction to Adobe XD
  • Session 8
    Style Guides & Design Systems
  • Session 9
    Working with Design elements in XD
  • Session 10
    Prototyping and Component states in XD

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